Captivate Las Vegas

Reach millions of Las Vegas Visitors with your message with brilliant HD from McCarran International Airport.

Capture the attention of incoming tourists and business travelers on Captivate Las Vegas – the  entertaining programming on the dramatic state-of-the-art video walls located in the baggage claim areas of McCarran International Airport.  This impressive audio-visual display system consists of six video walls in Terminal 1. Your message will be prominently featured on three 16’ x 9′ and three 7.5′ x 5.5′ brilliant HD LCD displays located in highly prominent areas in baggage claim.  A crystal clear sound system ensures powerful and enhanced message delivery.

The Las Vegas Strip is the 2nd most popular destination in America behind only Time Square in NY and ahead of places like Hollywood, Disney World, and others.  Combine the large consumer base and the highly desirable demographics and psychographics of this fluid audience and you have a target rich base available to engage.

Over 39,000,000 people passed through Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport in 2010! This ranks #2 to NYC – which has multiple airports. When you advertise in Las Vegas you’re marketing to a national audience – consumers from every US Market.

Over 39,000,000 Air Passenger through McCarran International Airport


  • 50% Male – 50% Female
  • 48% College Graduates
  • 86% White – 14% Black/Hispanic/Asian
  • 40% HH Income over $80,000


  • 11% attended a Trade Show
  • 20% attended a paid attraction or show
  • 68% of visitors attended a show
  • % of visitor attending a show made the decision after they arrived
  • 69% of Visitors decide where to gamble after they arrive
  • 67% of travelers used the internet to book their trip

The Video Wall Displays will be comprised of the world’s slimmest bezel hi-def 60” LCD Monitors from SHARP.